CrossFit is a sport based on coaching. There is reason why you cannot call your garage gym a CrossFit box even tho you’d had the fanciest Rogue gear, Eleiko bars and an Air Runner in there. The reason again is that CrossFit is a sport based on coaching. There are standards you need to fill before you can open a CrossFit box. You need to program CrossFit workouts = Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. You also need to have qualified CrossFit coaches to coach those workouts.


So who needs the Open Gym when you have the WOD classes with coaches?


If you have a certain skill that needs more practice than we’re offering on our classes – Open gym allows you to work for it. Many times the only thing that would be needed, in addition to the WOD classes, is some accessory work to improve in a specific area/movement We also recommend you to work on your mobility before and after the classes. We believe everyone should do more mobility.


We also offer individualized programming for those who have more specific goals to be reached. It is a huge benefit for you to get that help from a coach who knows you, works in the same box as you and is actually able to see you. Especially when you compare to those programs offered online. We recommend at least 1 year of WOD classes before individual programming or additional accessory work should even be considered. Then you have been going through the whole programming cycle together with a coach.


Every CrossFit box has been on a situation when a member comes and says they want to start following some competitive programming because the WOD classes look too easy. Then they start working out in the open gym. There are successful individuals but what often happens is that their warmups get lazier, resting times grow and the amount of the globally known nasty work aka burpees and running go to zero. They might get their snatch numbers improve but do they get fitter overall? Also they don’t get the coaching help they would need to take their skills to the next level.


We want you to come to the classes and we want to coach YOU. You can always go faster, heavier and harder if the WOD seems to easy. What every CrossFit box wants is feedback about the programming too. Why CrossFit is such a great sport is that you can scale everything. You can go heavier or lighter, more skillful or less skillful. Scaling does not always have to mean going easier – You can also scale up. We coaches are there for you to help you finding your limits. After that we’ll help you to go beyond your limits.


We think everyone needs a coach. 

We think even the coaches needs coaching.


It’s you who does the work and it’s you who gets the credit of your own achievements but we believe we’re stronger together. We try harder when there is that super strong friend next to us and we go faster when the coach yells us not to stop. The community and the coaches are a benefit no one should miss.


Fitter together