We at CrossFit SixtyFive100 want you to have fun when you are working out, but also get results and improve every day. This is why our programming is based on progressive workouts and different training periods.

Periodization is a systematic planning of athletic or physical training. The aim is to maximize our performance and our athletic development throughout the year. Periodization involves progressive cycling of various aspects of a training program during a specific period.

In sport as versatile as CrossFit it is important to focus on certain things at a time. For example when we want to maximize our strength results we do little less conditioning and vice versa. This is a
scientifically proven fact about training strength and conditioning. Periodization is the foundation of strength and conditioning.

We are always looking at the big picture when programming our training – the whole year.

The CrossFit Open – a five week online competition meant for everyone from beginners to the fittest on earth always starts in March. For five weeks we will focus on conditioning and prepping to do our best in The Open.

After the Open we have a gymnastics period when we focus more on our gymnastics skills, shape and positioning. Gymnastics movements require strength but also a lot of skills, practice and time. In this period we’ll spend more time on the pull bar and rings, but as well as general body weight movements and coordination work.

After the gymnastics period starts our aerobic capacity work which means more running, more rowing and more longer workouts in general. It’s good that this period is in summer so we Finns don’t have to freeze out when we run outside, don’t you think?

When the aerobic capacity period comes to end we usually have a max out week which means a strength level check-up. These numbers we helps us out during the strength and power period. We do a lot of percentage work when we squat, press and deadlift. The goal for this period is to build a higher strength level and maybe also build some muscle. We will do little less conditioning this time to maximize our results.

After the strength and power period the focus moves into weightlifting. We have built more strength for couple of months so now it’s time to move it into the weightlifting movements. Weightlifting requires strength but as well as gymnastics it is very technical sport. We definitely not max out and throw heavy weights around every day – We chase excellence on technique with also only an empty barbell.

Even though we periodize our training, we still do CrossFit every day which means we mix these things up a bit during the year. Even though the focus is on strength during the strength period it does not mean we need to squat every day. We still keep all the ten general physical skills (cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy) on our training throughout the whole year.