During the fall in 2014 we sat down and started to think about the training possibilities in Vaasa, and especially related to CrossFit training. Already during that time we all did CrossFit type training but we were missing the true CrossFit feeling and attitude, as well as a physical place where the community between the members was strong.

We therefor open the doors in February 2015 to the first licensed CrossFit box in Vaasa. We have since then had countless wonderful hours of training and an extraordinary community. In our team you are always welcome regardless of who you are, old as young, beginner or experienced.


CrossFit SixtyFive100 is not a regular gym. We don’t have any fancy spa treatments, big locations or expensive workout equipment. We want to make it more basic. We use our own bodies together with kettlebells, barbells, climbing rope, rings and a lot of other things you rarely see at a regular gym.

Our Workout of the day (WOD) will be constant varied functional movements and the intensity and difficulty will be adjusted for every individual’s physical performance. We are working with smaller groups (16 pers) which give a close interaction between the coach and the members.

We believe in a great community between all the members and coaches. This way we always try to push each other and support each other to make progress. You will push your limits and you will find the joy of being really tired. To always push your limits will improve your confidence both at our box but also outside our box.

We coach in three different languages; Finnish, Swedish and English.