On-Ramp course


You will start your journey at CrossFit SixtyFive100 with an On-Ramp course. We will go thoroughly through the movements and the techniques for these movements and you will get an understanding of what CrossFit is all about. We want you to have a safe and efficient training with us. During the course you will get the feeling of the community and you will meet likeminded training partners.


After you have participated in the On-Ramp course you have the skills to workout at a licenced CrossFit box. You will have the possibility to participate in our workouts or workout independently at our box.


CrossFit is for everybody. Either the age or your current level is of importance when you start with CrossFit. Minimum age for the On-Ramp course is 15 years.

Send an email to us if you have any questions: info@crossfitsixtyfive100.com