What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a strength and condition program based on constantly varied movements executed at a high intensity.

We humans are standing, sitting, throwing, jumping, lifting, climbing and running which are all natural movements. We have done this since ancient times and it is part of our design. These natural and functional movements are the base in a CrossFit workout. The movement variation is essential. The workout varies with time and different movements; Heavy lifts, light lifts, body weight movements, many repetitions, few repetitions, running, rowing, jumping and so on.

The constant variation makes the workout very efficient and fun. A central part of CrossFit is that the movements are doing against the clock. There are often two ways to do the workouts; either a given number of movements as fast as possible or as many rounds as possible, of a couple of movements, in a given time. This means you can all the time measure your progress.

CrossFit is inspired by a wide range of areas such as gymnastics, conditioning sporting, weightlifting and power lifting. This is one of the reasons why you get an incredible all-rounded physique if you are doing CrossFit.

The specialty of CrossFit is to not specialize. We want to develop all human physical characteristics. These are:

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy.

Who is CrossFit good for?

CrossFit is good for everyone to be honest. Parents, students, adults, teenagers, youth, many professional and elite athletes are all participating in the CrossFit Program. Cyclists, skiers, tennis players, tri-athletes and others competing at the highest levels are using the CrossFit approach to advance their strength and conditioning.

CrossFit has tested its methods on the sedentary, the youth, overweight, pathological, and elderly and found that these special populations met the same success as our stable of athletes. If the CrossFit program works for elite athletes, the overweights and Matti Meikäläinen, then it will work for you.

CrossFit in Finland

The first CrossFit®-box in Finland was founded in 2007 and today there are over 50 CrossFit-boxes in Finland. Every official box in Finland have passed the CrossFit Inc’s requirement to get the official status to be a CrossFit box. These requirements ensure that the CrossFit boxes are representing the CrossFit Inc’s true nature and values. CrossFit® isCrossfit, Inc:s registered trademark.

CrossFit SixtyFive100 opened the doors in February 2015. This is at the moment the only official CrossFit box in Vaasa.